About Us

Welcome to U Nexus!

UNexus is made up of Adelaide sisters, Jade and Steph!

The idea came to us in 2016 when our body confidence was low. We would compare ourselves to other women/girls on social media that exercising became an obsession just to look like them and exercising was just no longer enjoyable.

One morning in the gym we said to each other 'NO! We need to learn to love our bodies!' And this is how Unicorn Nexus came about. We wanted to produce active wear/ comfort wear that was fun and colourful to make you feel good, motivated and happy with who you are! 

As well as selling fun Activewear, we also want to give back! So every sale, we will be donating 10% to the chosen charity of the season! 

How we choose this charity each month? We want to hear your story! Everyone has a story that can inspire others (this is where the community part comes in) and we want to hear them. The story that is chosen, all donations will go that charity and your story will be posted on our blog page as well as social media to create awareness. 

Send your story to: unicornnexus1@gmail.com (you can remain anonymous if you would like too)


Be You, Be real, Be Happy, BE A UNICORN - Join the Unicorn Nexus!

Also check out our size guide!

Our Size guide is like no other we have taken away the main steam XS, S, M, L and XL and added more insperational no guilt sizes. So you are now not just a XS or M  you are Wee or Fun Size! 

Wee = XS        Petite= S      Fun Size=M       Peachy=L      Bootylicious=XL