What we learnt at Girl Gang Workshop

That we may not like our legs or our stomach or our skin but really if you didn't have legs we wouldn't be able to walk, if we didn't have a stomach we wouldn't be able to eat or hold our bodies up and even carry a baby. But without our skin we wouldn't be who we are today.
We are now going to wake up and go to bed, as we do every night and every morning but with a new out look on our life. Not going to bed with a negative mind set but instead listing what we are grateful for either say it out loud or write it down and waking up to a new positive way of thinking and living every day being happy with who we are and how grateful we are to be us!
Ever Sunday is going to be 24hrs of no negative thinking or talking. It doesn't end with negative talk about yourselves, we are waiting to be more grateful and positive about the world around us not judging and taking the positive out of situations. We are starting small could be we have a bad coffee but instead of thinking how bad it was, thinking about how lucky we are to be drinking that coffee! We hope this will turn into a everyday thing but it takes time!
Most importantly, we still don't know what we want to be in life but we do know what makes us happy. The pressure of having the perfect job and that pays well but is it what you really want, are you happy?
Join us every Sunday for NO NEGATIVITY SUNDAYS
Jade and Steph
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