What, are you crazy, lets just do this...the making of Unicorn Nexus by Jade

Many people ask what are you doing now with this Unicorn thing?
Most of you don't know who is behind our brand.
Today we are going to share with you who and why Unicorn Nexus came about.
Let’s first start with a "hello" and a big smile.
My name is Jade and I have a sister called Steph and we are the two sisters behind Unicorn Nexus.
We didn't just want to start another active wear brand...we wanted to start a movement and this movement was to inspire women and girls to start to love themselves, be confident and celebrate the individual they are.
The active wear part came after as we both love to stay active and struggled to find active wear tights that were high waisted, didn't make your legs go numb and didn’t break the bank. So, we created high waisted tights, that are comfy and affordable but also high quality.
The name Unicorn Nexus, a Unicorn is a mythical, magical and unique creature, much like all of us! So wear it with pride. And the Nexus is a community.
So, when you make a purchase not only is it going to a good old local business but 10% of sales go back to a charity that supports women and girl’s mental health.
Anyway, back to why we started the brand in the first place, this is the scary part as we will be sharing our lives with you all.
Has anyone never had a negative thought about their bodies? I would say 99.9% of you have and if you haven't then, you go girl!
I have always been body shy and have always looked at my body in a negative way. It also doesn’t help when I scroll through social media and see all these “perfect” shaped bodies that make you look at yourself so differently. What I didn’t realise is that these bodies were only perfect in my eyes and every unique body is perfect in its own special way. There is NO perfect, it was just what I had perceived as perfect by what I was looking at 100 times if not more a day.
Little did I know most of these bodies were actually photo shopped, had filters and had been altered.
These devils I had always faced with body insecurities didn’t take control of my life until I was pregnant and gave birth to my daughter.
I had my baby girl 9 months ago now but I am only just starting to feel better and look in the mirror at my body again. I had a different type of post-partum depression, not from my baby keeping me up at night or the lifestyle change but I left depressed about the way I looked.
My body had just done the most magical and amazing thing. I had given birth to life, a real life little human being. I did not even give myself credit of this event, I was too caught up in having panic attacks about how my skin was all wobbly, that I now have stretch marks, my fat hips and puffy face. I would scroll through social media and cry seeing other mums with beautiful flat stomachs and no stretch marks. It wasn’t just how I looked but how I didn’t want to leave the house I didn’t want the real world to see the real me. I even felt sick thinking about leaving the house.
Lucky for me a have a very supportive family who had make me see how great my real life is.
This movement for me is now even more important than ever before as I would hate for one day for my daughter to have these negative thoughts about her body.
So please if you are having negative thoughts about yourself STOP it right now!! You are wasting precious brain power, brain power that could be used for seriously so many other thoughts!
I look back at photos of my pre-baby body and think how stupid I was for thinking negative about myself.
I’m not saying to give up exercise or don’t eat healthy. I strive to do this every day, I strive to be the best me I can be and so should YOU! Be CONFIDENT, be real, be happy and love yourself because you are BEyouTIFUL.