LIFE. It's a simple four-letter word.
Life is what we are living right now.
Life is something we take for granted till we lose someone.
Life is meant to be lived in each moment.
Life goes by so fast.
Life is so precious.
Life can be unfair.
Life is living on this massive rock within hundreds of thousands people.
Life is full of learning and dreaming.
Life at the end of the day is great.
Life is a beautiful thing.
LIFE is so much more than a simple four-letter word.
Live your life right now.
Live a life that that every morning you wake up with a smile.
Live a life of learning from books, travel and people around you.
Live a life of not just you but live it with the people you love.
Live a life that is kind.
Live the life that you love.
Every living person has a life story.
UN xo.