Is it Real Life though?

Have you ever scrolled trough on social media and felt sad, unworthy, not good enough or depressed?
Or what about forgetting a whole conversation because you were too busy scrolling instead of listening?
This is something that far too many of us are feeling and doing and it is not right.
Did you ever stop to think that what people post are not real-life posts? People will never post about how fat their belly feels today, or how annoying and naughty their kids were or that they spent the day on the couch watching TV and eating carbs. These things are not bad things these are just everyday events that we are feeling guilty about because social media is making us feel like that.
Have you ever timed how many times you looked at your phone in one day? Try it tomorrow you will be surprised! For me it was pretty much every 10 minutes, some people have reported spending over 5 to 6 hours a day on their phone, on social media. How do we know what real life is when we are so consumed by what our social media is showing us?
Some of us were lucky to go school without social media and most of us would remember having conversations with friends and fellow class mates, making new friends, reading books and sharing ideas. Have you been to a high school now days? They are all faced down looking at their phones or ear phones in looking into a world that only exists online.
No wonder our teens are dealing with depression and the suicide rate is high.
[1]CNN reported using data from a Common-Sense survey called ‘Children, Teens, Media and Body Image’ this survey found that many teens who are active online fret about how they’re perceived, and that girls are particularly vulnerable-
· 35% are worried about people tagging them in unattractive photos
· 27% feel stressed about how they look in posted photos
· 22 % felt bad about themselves if their photos were ignored.
I’m not sure how you feel? But I think this is sickening. This is not just happening to our teens but adults as well.
We personally have been through this and is why we started Unicorn Nexus in the first place, we wanted to create a positive place where we can share and have fun without negativity, worry or guilt.
Let’s start a new trend!
Join me in having one day a week off social media. I choose Sunday where I only use my phone for texting real life people, taking photos just for me and to keep as loving memories and spend as much time kissing and hugging and talking to my real life family.
So, we urge you to GET OFF social media let’s start a new trend. Try just 1 hour a day then keeping upping this to eventually you will be able to spend 1 day. Because really who cares about what the Kardashian’s did on the weekend!
Lots of love
Jade and Steph
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