5 Health Benefits of Warm Lemon Water

5 Health Benefits of Warm Lemon Water:

Warm lemon water, I was not a fan. For starters warm water first thing in the morning and then to add lemon... No thanks. Till I did some research and found out some truely awesome benefits it has.

Firstly, lemons. They are full of Vitamin C, fibre, potassium & B6. Then water, drinking warm water first thing in the morning can assist in replenishing fluids from the night and hydrates.

I now love waking up with warm lemon water and when I miss a day, I can tell.  

The requirements: to be drunk in the morning on a empty stomach, the water to actually be warm, about 250ml to 400ml (I always just use a big glass) & to use about half a squeezed lemon.

 Here are the top 5 health benefits.
1. Aids digestion. 

2. Good source of vitamin C for the immune system.
3. Healthy weight.
4. Happier Skin. 
5. A natural flush.

It's super easy to make. Grab half a lemon, squeeze into a cup, turn your tap on to warm/hot, wait till it goes warm and add in water. Use a straw to drink. If you struggle with that add a small teaspoon of natural honey (not a fake, sugary honey), stir in and drink. 

These health benefits vary between humans and personal digestion & there is no human studies done, but I have been doing warm lemon water for some time now and I feel it has helped me on health journey and I have enjoyed these benefits.

Here are some resourceful links: